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About Markets

Bleší trhy

About Flea Markets

Dear visitors to the Flea Market, exchange trade, surplus sales, and the sale of things that their owner no longer needs, is a thing that is as old as humanity. In Europe, especially in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, this type of sale and purchase has been popular for many years, and Flea markets in these countries are very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.

In the Czech Republic, the phenomenon of the Blended Markets has expanded on a large scale already for totality, especially on the famous Black Meadow in Ostrava. Prague was back in Sparta. After the completion of Sparta, Flea Markets took place first in the Reitknechtka area and then in the Smíchov marshalling station. Another follow-up Prague Bleší market was first from 2003 OBZOR Exchange on Novodvorská Street in Prague 4 and then from 2005 Exchange in the former premises of ČKD Kolbenova.

Since June 2016, the largest Flea markets in the Czech Republic and perhaps even in Europe are at U Elektry, Prague 9 – Vysočany. On an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters you will find not only curiosities, used goods that can be useful to you, but you can also buy the goods completely new at unbeatably low prices. What you buy on the Flea Market is not in any supermarket. In addition, things that have already reached your home and occupy the place you need, can be monetized on the Flea Market. And you do not need a business license, because your profits from the sale of personal belongings do not give up! If you have a business spirit, it is enough to visit us at the Flea Market in Prague every weekend U Elektry!

The Flea Market At Elektry is a place where unnecessary things of one person become the treasure of another!

Information for the seller

At the entrance to the Flea Market area U Elektry are located entrance barriers with bar code scanners. Every vendor and parking visitor must accept a barcode document upon payment, to be shown by attaching the barrier sensor to the shop or parking area. Without a valid bar code document, it is not possible to get through the entrance barriers. Admission is always one-time!

Rules for sellers with a trade certificate

Sellers who engage in this business continuously for profit, and who sell mainly new or second-hand goods, must have a trade license for sale. The reporting duty of the establishment is carried out by tradesmen who sell regularly to us. For the sake of completeness, we define the definition of trades: Tradability is a continuous trade operated independently, on its own behalf, under its own responsibility, in order to obtain profit and under the conditions set out in this Act (Act No. 455/1991 Coll., On Trades Licensing).

Rules for resellers without a business license

Vendors without a business license can only trade in the Flea Market with their own used goods, which they no longer need and want to monetize. They do not need a trade license for this because they do not operate a trade. This sale is taken as their hobby.

If you want to come and sell and you have not been with us, then:
– In addition to live animals and weapons, you can sell everything in essence.
– Resellers are not your primary reseller.
– You can get a chance to get a long-term reservation right at your place in the Flea Market office.
– Come sell in the Flea Market you can always be between 4 – 8 o’clock. After paying at the cashier check-in desk, you will receive a receipt showing the number of the place where you will sell that day.
– The sales points are 4x5m and 4x7m in size so the vendor can stay in this place with his car. It is definitely not possible to pay a sales point, unload the goods and then park the car to the parking lot for visitors.
– You can only go one day in a sales outlet. It is not possible in the morning to arrive at a place of sale, to unload the goods and then to leave the Flea Market for other goods. We do not let you sell your place one day more times.
– Electrical connection. current is not possible. If you need an el. stream, you have to bring your own headquarters.

Conditions for reservation holders

– You must always pay for the booked place until the end of the month for the following month. Late payment is fined 10% of the total monthly reservation rate. – At the point of sale it is always necessary to maintain cleanliness and order. Non-compliance will be fined according to business terms.
– All vendors are required to dispose of their waste and not to leave it at the point of sale.
– It is not possible to exceed the boundary of the space indicated by the white line.
– There should be nothing more than a week in the outlets. It is a strict prohibition to leave here carpets, boxes, wooden cabinets,
– If you want to have your stand stand for a week at a point of sale, then you only have to deal with an iron structure without a sail. It is not allowed to leave wooden tables, pallets, etc. on the spot.

Bleší trhy
Bleší trhy

FREE shuttle service

Free shuttle service runs from Hloubětín metro station directly to Bleší U Elektry. Take advantage of our transportation and get comfortable to get to the Flea Market.


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